About Us

Quality Furniture and Appliance is an established business that seeks to provide for the needs of its customers in a timely and effective manner. Founded in Broadmoor Plaza shopping center in 1975 as Action TV and Appliance, this company has continued to provide quality products and services to the community for many years. In 1978 the business purchased a small furniture store and combined the 2 businesses to become Quality Furniture and Appliance.

We currently operate 2 stores; one in Mesquite, Texas and the other in Canton, Texas. Our aim is to offer our customers top name brand products at competitive prices, and to provide various financing options that are both timely and offer easy approval.

Quality Furniture's purpose is to serve the wants and needs of its customers. For us to accomplish this goal, we:

  • Maintain products from suppliers that are of the highest quality and value and are known to be reliable.
  • Price our products and services fair and equitable for our customers.
  • Provide quick response to our customer's needs and requests.
  • Will strive to treat our customers with respect and act professionally at all times.
  • Encourage honesty and integrity both within our company and through our vendors and customers at all times.
  • Create a healthy environment for positive interaction and promote goodwill throughout the communities we serve.
  • Promote accountability by always looking for new and better ways to please our customers.
  • Continue to be a growth-oriented business that generates a fair profit by putting and keeping the customer first.