Quality Mission

The Quality Way:

Our mission is to furnish comfortable homes and provide exceptional financing while showing Christ's love to everyone we serve.


Guiding Principles:

1.) GOLDEN RULE: Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

2.) TRUST - be worthy of it and give it out

3.) DELIVER products Quickly and damage free

4.) GENEROSITY: Be outlandishly generous to our employees and the communities we serve.


Quality Furniture and Appliance was founded in Broadmoor Plaza shopping center in 1975 as Action TV and Appliance, this company has continued to provide quality products and services to the community for many years. In 1978 Stan Pickett purchased a small furniture store and combined the 2 businesses to become Quality Furniture and Appliance.

We currently operate 2 stores; one in Mesquite, Texas and the other in Canton, Texas under Jordan Barrick and Caitlin (Pickett) Barrick.